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Apply here – In case you want to apply directly with your email, we invite you to submit your resume in English to Please save your document in PDF format and use the following naming convention: «Resume-Your Full Name». Please indicate the name of the position in the subject line of the email. Best of luck with your application!

Essential Functions:

We are recruiting for hotels in the U.S., (like J.W., Marriot, and a few others). We will process your work visa, provide a competitive salary, one (1) month of housing and transportation covered, and one flight to the job location!


The immediate direct support Chef in charge of a Culinary outlet or discipline or when the Executive Sous Chef isn’t on the property and has been trained in all aspects of that specific Food and Beverage daily Operations, able to oversee the entire operation.


The Chef is directly responsible for all aspects of daily food preparation in assigned areas of the hotel where food is served supporting the Chef and the set directions in all areas of F&B, They direct kitchen staff and all food-related concerns or topics on behalf of the Executive Chef for those assigned areas.

The following is a sample list:

  • Support the Chef in Developing and representing all Food, Beverage, and services of the Department, creating the culture with continuous learning and training with an emphasis on high quality, fresh ingredients utilizing seasonal techniques and preparations appropriate for each outlet or event, balancing Quality and Profit.
  • Assist with Interviews, hire, as directed & train and manage all culinary staff daily
  • Know all current local health departments, Corporate HACCP and Food Safety SOPs, & Federal Guidelines, ensure the operation is in continuous compliance
  • Help Organize, Oversee, and Manage all Food prep operations in Daily Operations
  • Help Create assigned menus, recipes, use records,
  • Help organize and execute assigned menu implementation list and timelines
  • Ensure the continuous success of the kitchen brigade and station assignments following the WLW SOPs and directives, utilizing all daily forms and functions of WLW
  • Support the Chef, Sales Dept, E.M., and outlet FOH in the Food and Beverage marketing and sales programs
  • Execute all accounting procedures required not limited to and including F&B checkbook, Food checkbook, invoice processing, payroll, monthly inventories, and P&L critiques in conjunction with, or as assigned
  • Check the freshness of foods and ingredients, and ensure all recipes and portion use records are followed
  • Monitor all Food-related expenses and ensure budgeted levels are achieved
  • Monitor all guest corporate feedback scores and conspire for positive influence on rankings
  • Foster a climate of cooperation and respect between coworkers
  • Mentor all associates for career development and advancement


  • Analytical Skills
  • Leading Edge
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability
  • Customer focus
  • Coaching
  • Energy
  • Selecting A-Players
  • Team Building

Skills & Working Conditions

  • Basic Computer Skills featuring Excel, WORD, Outlook, TM1, Etc.
  • All Cooking and preparation equipment knowledge
  • All stewarding cleaning and maintenance equipment
  • Basic Human Resources Skills and Knowledge
  • Basic Sales Skills, and Technique Knowledge
  • 35% Cerebral and 65% Physical


Job and immigration requirements

  • Mexican, North American, or Canadian citizenship.
  • Possess Cedula Professional on hand (not in process). The degree must be in Hotel Management, Hospitality, Culinary Arts, Business Administration, or a related field
  • Possess Titulo Universitario and grades on hand (not in process). The degree must be in Hotel Management, Hospitality, Culinary Arts, Business Administration or a related field
  • Have a valid Mexican, Canadian, or U.S. passport with at least 1.5-year validity.
  • No previous immigration issues.
  • Have a valid driver’s license.
  • Ability to move to the U.S.
  • Fluency in English.

Salary & Benefits

  • Average gross salary of 50,000 USD per year
  • Medical, Prescription, and Vision Date of Hire
  • Dental Coverage Date of Hire
  • Company Paid Life Insurance 1st of the month after hire
  • Company Paid Short-Term Disability One year of service
  • Company Paid Long-Term Disability One year of service
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 1st of the month after 90 days
  • Funeral Leave 1st of the month after 90 days
  • Voluntary Short-Term & Long-Term Disability March 1st or Sept 1st
  • Voluntary Life Insurance March 1st or Sept 1st
  • Voluntary Critical Illness March 1st or Sept 1st
  • 401(k) 1 year of service & 1,000 hours
  • Vacation Varies
  • Leave of Absence Various eligibility based on the type
  • Jury Duty Date of hire
  • Vacation Days: For less than five years of service, managers earn 80 hours per year. Each two-week pay period, managers accrue 3.077 hours of vacation, so it builds over time. Paid holidays include New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and Associate’s Birthday.

Growth Opportunity

  • There is a robust succession planning system in place across the company that allows high-potential associates and managers to achieve their career goals (nearly 60% of all management openings are filled internally)
  • Performance evaluations are completed annually around February and managers are evaluated based on merit – hotel performance, guest satisfaction, employee engagement, and achievement of individual goals.
  • Career paths vary based on the individual’s talents, experience, and skills.


Training & Onboarding

  • One-day hotel orientation on the first day of employment. Topics covered include the history of the company, company expectations (vision, mission, values), guest service standards, benefits, payroll, associate handbook (policies), and safety training.
  • On-the-job training is a 1 – 2-week structured training program during which employees learn about the daily tasks of their position and how to successfully perform them.
  • On-the-job training consists of online brand training, job shadowing, completion of an individual development plan called a “Flight Plan” and systems training.
  • After the first 1 – 2-week structured training is complete, managers receive ongoing support and feedback to ensure tasks are being completed and sufficient knowledge is gained.
  • “Flight School” is offered to managers – a 2.5-day course facilitated by a corporate trainer
  • Managers can be elected to attend the Senior Leadership Development Series – a course that focuses on soft skills and requires the completion of a stretch project and presentation.





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