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Essential Functions:

Cultivate Your Career: Internship Opportunities in Vermont!

Embark on an enriching career journey in Vermont, a state renowned for its stunning landscapes, commitment to sustainability, and a thriving hospitality industry. Known for its picturesque small towns, scenic ski resorts, and artisanal food culture, Vermont offers a unique blend of experiences that make it an ideal place for those looking to thrive in the hospitality sector.

Our internship opportunities are spread across a variety of settings in Vermont, from charming bed and breakfasts nestled in the Green Mountains to upscale ski resorts and boutique hotels. Each property offers a distinct atmosphere where you can develop practical skills and gain valuable industry insights. Available positions include:

  • Food & Beverage Trainee/Intern: Delve into Vermont’s local food movement, working with farm-to-table concepts and artisanal producers.
  • Culinary Operations Trainee/Intern: Enhance your culinary skills in settings that prize local sourcing and innovative, sustainable cooking practices.
  • Front Desk Trainee/Intern: Develop crucial customer service skills in a welcoming environment, often the first point of contact for guests seeking a unique Vermont experience.
  • Front Office Trainee/Intern: Gain a deep understanding of the operations that sustain a successful hospitality business in a rural or resort setting.
  • Housekeeping Trainee/Intern: Learn the ins and outs of maintaining high standards of cleanliness and guest comfort in diverse lodging environments.
  • Guest Services Trainee/Intern: Build your communication and problem-solving skills by ensuring that all guest needs are met with thoughtfulness and efficiency.

When you apply, our team will evaluate your qualifications to match you with the internship that best suits your skills and career goals. This tailored approach ensures that your internship not only enhances your resume but also provides a meaningful and impactful learning experience.

Vermont is more than just a beautiful place to work; it’s a community deeply connected to its environment and culture. You’ll have the opportunity to explore outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and kayaking, as well as enjoy local festivals, markets, and the state’s vibrant arts scene. This blend of professional development and personal exploration makes Vermont a perfect place to start or advance your career in hospitality.

Take this opportunity to grow your skills and make meaningful connections in one of the most picturesque and welcoming states in the U.S. Apply now and discover what Vermont has to offer to your professional journey in hospitality!

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